Industry Leaders Forge Alliance For Increasing Demand Of Electric Freight Vehicles


In a groundbreaking move towards decarbonizing India’s road freight ecosystem, prominent manufacturing firms and logistics service providers have joined forces to call for the adoption of 7,750 electric freight vehicles (EFVs) by 2030.

The announcement was made during NITI Aayog’s e-FAST India side event at the 14th Clean Energy Ministerial and the G20 event, ‘Policy Support & Enablers to Accelerate India’s Electric Mobility,’ held under India’s G20 Presidency 2023 in Goa.

This collective initiative, which begins with 16 companies, is set to gain momentum as more stakeholders are expected to join in the pursuit of electrifying freight transportation. Cement, Chemicals, Dairy & food industry players, along with service sector companies, are among those voicing their support for 7,750 zero-emission trucks (ZETs).

The event saw the unveiling of the official e-FAST video and website, offering access to cutting-edge advancements and success stories in freight electrification.

The platform also houses a vast repository of relevant resources and upcoming events. High-level discussions during the event focused on the technical roadmap for ZET adoption, underscoring the need for well-defined policy support to facilitate this transformative shift. Eminent national and international decision-makers led panel discussions, addressing innovative financing mechanisms, incentivization structures, and crucial technological considerations.

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e-FAST, spearheaded by NITI Aayog and supported by 12 knowledge partners, stands as India’s first electric freight platform. Since its launch in September of the previous year, e-FAST has been at the forefront of driving cleaner and greener freight transportation.

The platform fosters active collaborations at both national and international levels, facilitating pilot program ideation and development on a scalable basis, and exploring technology integration and associated research. The collective efforts showcased at the event are pivotal steps in India’s vision to emerge as a frontrunner in freight emissions reduction.

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