Tata Motors Launches ‘EVOLVE’ Program To Drive EV Adoption In India


In commemoration of World Environment Day, Tata Motors, India’s leading automobile manufacturer and a trailblazer in the country’s electric vehicle (EV) evolution, has unveiled the ‘EVOLVE’ program. This initiative aims to unite Tata EV owners in their collective journey toward promoting greater acceptance of EVs in India. ‘EVOLVE’ encompasses a range of customer-focused activities, including experiential drives, community-centric initiatives, exchange and upgrade programs, and exclusive referral benefits.

As a part of the launch of ‘EVOLVE,’ Tata Motors has introduced a limited-period referral program that will be implemented in phases. This program rewards customers with exclusive experiences as an expression of gratitude for their support in expanding the Tata EV family. By referring friends and family to join the Tata EV tribe, customers have the opportunity to win guaranteed gifts. The most successful referrals can even earn exciting rewards like curated travel packages to breathtaking destinations such as Machu Picchu or Iceland, or a chance to witness a Grand Slam event live. This engagement program will be rolled out in the top 13 EV consumer markets and catchment areas across the country.

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Mr Shailesh Chandra, MD of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd. and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd., expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of ‘EVOLVE.’ He emphasized that Tata Motors’ EV revolution in India was primarily driven by its customers. Recognizing their passion for both cars and environmental stewardship, ‘EVOLVE’ is an extension of Tata Motors’ commitment to engaging with customers and rewarding them for being brand ambassadors, contributing to Tata Motors’ status as India’s leading EV manufacturer.

The ‘EVOLVE’ program has been designed to foster a customer-friendly and engaging environment, aiming to become the heart of the Tata EV community. It will offer a diverse range of experiences, discussion forums, loyalty points, and benefits, with the objective of creating a strong bond among EV enthusiasts. Mr Chandra is thrilled to announce the launch of the first phase of ‘EVOLVE’ on this auspicious occasion, which aligns with Tata Motors’ vision. The limited-period referral program presents exclusive “money can’t buy” incentives, and he invites all customers to take part in this unique opportunity. Through ‘EVOLVE,’ Tata Motors aspires to offer unparalleled adventures to its EV believers, inspiring more individuals to embrace electric mobility and contribute to a greener and cleaner future.

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The Tata EV owners’ community continues to grow in strength, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared passion for their vehicles. With one of the most extensive portfolios of 4-wheeler EVs in India and a commitment to developing exciting EV products across various price points and body styles, Tata Motors remains dedicated to serving its EV community. The company’s well-calibrated product mix and consumer-centric initiatives have accelerated EV adoption in the country, creating an entire EV ecosystem in collaboration with Tata Group companies to provide simple and cost-effective solutions. ‘EVOLVE’ marks the next step in the company’s journey to further enhance this ecosystem and shape the future of sustainable mobility in India.

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