Esmito Achieves AIS156 Phase 2 Certification For L3 And L5 Category Batteries


Esmito, a leading provider of energy solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), proudly announces the successful acquisition of the highly coveted AIS156 Phase 2 certification for their L3 and L5 category batteries. This achievement further solidifies Esmito’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable, and compliant energy solutions in the EV industry.

The AIS156 Phase 2 certification represents an exhaustive testing and evaluation process that ensures strict compliance with safety and performance standards, specifically focusing on automotive components, particularly batteries. This certification is a vital requirement for EV manufacturers operating within India. Esmito has successfully completed the meticulous certification process for their L3 and L5 category batteries, which serves as a testament to their dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

Commenting on this milestone, Hasan Ali, Co-founder, of Esmito, says, “This certification is going to be a significant step in making us one of the larger organized players in the EV Batteries ecosystem. Esmito has multiple models of EV Batteries across the 48 to 72V spectrum and such certifications help to bolster customer confidence at a time when the industry is just starting to grow exponentially.”

The acquisition of this certification holds paramount importance for Esmito and the entire industry. Firstly, the certification guarantees the utmost safety of Esmito’s batteries, instilling confidence in customers, EV users, and the public. Through rigorous testing procedures and unwavering adherence to safety standards, Esmito ensures that its batteries meet all necessary regulatory requirements.

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Secondly, the AIS Phase 2 certification emphasizes Esmito’s compliance with Indian automotive industry regulations, solidifying its reputation as a responsible and law-abiding entity. By surpassing the stringent criteria set forth by regulatory bodies, Esmito demonstrates its commitment to upholding the highest quality and safety standards.

Furthermore, the certification enhances Esmito’s market credibility and differentiates them from its competitors. Customers seeking reliable and safe battery solutions for their EVs can place their trust in Esmito’s certified L3 and L5 category batteries. The certification strengthens customer satisfaction, fosters brand loyalty, and provides Esmito with a competitive advantage in the rapidly growing EV market.

The acquisition of the AIS Phase 2 certification propels Esmito into a promising future, opening doors to expansion and growth opportunities within the Indian EV market. As customers increasingly prioritize safety and regulatory compliance, Esmito’s certified batteries position the company as a trusted provider in the industry. By meeting the rigorous requirements of AIS Phase 2, Esmito establishes itself as a reliable and capable partner, paving the way for new business prospects and potential joint ventures.

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Moreover, the certification aligns Esmito with the government’s emphasis on sustainable mobility solutions. The Indian auto sales for L3 and L5 category vehicles have witnessed remarkable growth in recent years. As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to surge, these categories have emerged as significant contributors to the overall sales figures. The availability of affordable and technologically advanced EV models in the L3 and L5 categories has played a crucial role in driving this growth. Government incentives and favourable policies supporting EV adoption have further fueled the sales momentum. Furthermore, improved charging infrastructure, extended driving ranges, and enhanced battery performance have successfully addressed concerns related to EVs’ practicality and range anxiety.

Esmito’s successful acquisition of the AIS Phase 2 certification for their L3 and L5 category batteries exemplifies their dedication to safety, compliance, and superior battery solutions. By meeting the stringent standards set by regulatory authorities, Esmito assures customers of their commitment to delivering products of exceptional quality and reliability. This certification grants Esmito a competitive edge, enhances its market credibility, and positions them for exponential growth in the thriving Indian EV market. With this achievement, Esmito is poised to make a significant impact on the future of sustainable transportation, actively supporting India’s transition to a greener and more sustainable future.

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