Sun Mobility And Zomato To Power 50,000 Electric Two-Wheelers With Battery Swap Solutions


Sun Mobility, a leader in providing energy infrastructure and services to electric vehicles, has partnered with Zomato, an online ordering platform, and food delivery service, to power 50,000 electric two-wheelers across the country, over the next 24 months using its battery swap solutions.

With an initial fleet deployment, the association was confirmed in Delhi.

Sun Mobility CEO, Anant Badjatya stated that by including 50,000 electric two-wheelers in the Zomato’s fleet we are reducing our carbon footprint to 5000 MT/month and contributing towards a cleaner environment. This association will benefit both the environment and provide better experiences for customers and delivery partners.”

Mohit Sardana, COO-Food Delivery of Zomato stated, “As Zomato grows and creates new gigs and opportunities within the last-mile delivery ecosystem. The environment must not bear this burden. We have had strong associations with Sun Mobility in the past to swap batteries. This will help us to keep our promise to deliver sustainable Zomato to customers, delivery partners, and employees.”

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According to the partners, this move aligns with Zomato’s commitment to ‘The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative that implies 100 EV adoption by 2030’. It also supports Sun Mobility’s mission of electrifying last-mile deliveries to India.

This association will allow Zomato’s last-mile delivery partners to benefit from cost-effective and convenient battery-swapping options for their electric two-wheelers. Sun Mobility Swap Points will allow last-mile delivery partners the ability to swap out their batteries quickly and easily for fully charged ones using swappable technology.

The partners claim that this will decrease downtime for charging, improve the efficiency of last-mile delivery operations, and contribute to cleaner air by reducing emissions.

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