WTiCabs Deploys Electric Vehicles For Emissions-Free Services


WTiCabs has deployed electric vehicles to transport large IT clients, demonstrating its commitment to providing emissions-free services.

WTiCabs revolutionized the workplace commute experience by offering innovative services. WTiCabs is best known for providing flexible resource plans and custom workplace transportation solutions. WTiCabs provides fully managed mobility solutions for staff that are supported with years of experience and a unwavering commitment in producing marvels that amaze the world.

Recently, WTiCabs installed electric vehicles for a large IT client. Sources claim that the corporation is investing in this endeavor. It has contributed significantly over the years to the provision a fully functioning and staffed EV Depot (electric cars and charging stations), which provides emission-free transportation solutions for people.

The company hopes to solve the problems and complexities of finding reliable and consistent employee transportation. WTiCabs provides on-site employee commute services as part of its client fleet management. The company has a goal to be the most sustainable solution provider in the market, cutting CO2 emissions by 47% annually and contributing to its commitment to carbon net zero by 2025.

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WTiCabs manages ground transportation services and gives employees an enjoyable, safe and complete mobility experience.

The company uses proven, sustainable and repeatable procedures to provide the best services possible for society. WTiCabs is a company that inspires its peers to adopt a cleaner, more sustainable approach to providing services to support a clean and healthy environment. WTiCabs maintains a presence in all parts of India and assists clients to achieve their Sustainability scores as well as ESG criteria.

WTiCabs’ advanced workplace commute services allow you to induct electric vehicles for your employees. This indirectly contributes to a cleaner environment. Many companies have joined WTiCabs over the years to induct EVs and plant trees for every commuter who uses the platform.

WTiCabs is a leading provider of workplace commute services in the country. Its superior services and whole value proposition in people transport make WTiCabs a leader in this sector. With its innovative solutions and emissions-free services, WTiCabs has been a dominant player in the Indian commuter service market. It boasts an unparalleled network that spans more than 200 Indian cities.

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Ashok Vashist is the CEO and founder of WTiCabs. He spoke out about the company’s vision and future plans. He stated, “Each of us can be an active part in building a polluted environment that leaves a lasting legacy for the future generations.” We aren’t just talking or thinking about going green; we are actually doing it. 15% of our services run on electricity, and we plan to increase this percentage by 35% by the end the next financial year. The company’s motto is sustainability. We will not compromise our efforts to create a better future unless we are passionate and dedicated.”

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