zingbus Partners With NHEV To Expand India’s Intercity E-Mobility Cohort

A file photo of zingbus.

India’s leading surface mobility brand, zingbus, partners with the National Highways for Electric Vehicles (NHEV) an EoDB pilot initiative, for a joint e-mobility project aiming to help the private diesel bus operators convert to accepting and working with electric vehicles. 

Being the largest shared surface mobility brand, zingbus, places a comparison exercise between ‘Electric Buses’ and the ‘Diesel Buses. By deploying a successful pilot, zingbus expects the vehicles’ to be more profitable with a 15-20% decrease in the running cost. Henceforth, the pilot’s success will motivate bus owners to buy electric buses and switch to green mobility for a sustainable future.

Speaking on the strategic partnership, Prashant Kumar, CEO, and Co-Founder, zingbus, highlighted, “The transportation industry is undergoing a major revolution, driven by the need to transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. Electric mobility has emerged as a promising solution, particularly for the public transportation sector. Today, the biggest segment of the intercity bus travel domain is the diesel bus fleet owned by private players. Their confidence towards electric buses is way lower; henceforth, zingbus has deployed this operational pilot to turn them towards accepting the affordability and profitability of EVs. The National Highway for Electric Vehicles is playing a crucial role in promoting the adoption of electric buses by creating an enabling environment for private fleet operators, and zingbus will be the needed catalyst for the emerging project.” 

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The ongoing pilot project for NHEV has shown promising results. Electric vehicles have demonstrated a significantly lower cost of operation compared to diesel buses. Electric buses have also shown higher reliability and lower downtime, resulting in improved passenger satisfaction and higher revenues.

Mr. Abhijeet Sinha, National Project Director, NHEV, reflecting on the project, stated, This partnership with NHEV will enable Zingbus to bring diesel bus owners into electric bus operations by taking away operational uncertainties and providing opportunities to buy electric buses at 30% lesser upfront cost as buses are delivered with batteries on a subscription model, owned by its operator. NHEV will off-take charging infrastructure setup and operation costs from its Bus fleet operators, a major hurdle today, and proven to be an additional capital cost for private bus owners who wish to buy E-busses. This partnership will bring ease of doing business for diesel bus owners to switch to electric and translate its actual lower running cost to passenger tickets with higher amenities and encourage customers to use global standard clean public transport.”

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NHEV and Zingbus together will build the confidence of private operators to accelerate their transition to buying electric buses with enablers like Roadside Assistance (RSA), Battery-as-a-Subscription(BaaS), 30% Lesser upfront cost, and Minimum Guaranteed(MG) bookings from the tourism industry.

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