Kinetic Group To Launch Electric Version Of Luna


According to Kinetic Engineering’s regulatory filing, the Kinetic Group will launch an electric version of its popular moped Luna. According to the company, Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions will launch the E-Luna in the near future.

Kinetic Engineering Ltd (KEL), has begun production of chassis and other components for the electric avatar Luna.

The company developed all major subassemblies of E-Luna’s main chassis, side stand, main stand, and swing arm. It also set up a dedicated production line that can produce 5,000 sets per month.

“As the E-Luna volumes increase, we expect the business to grow by more than Rs 30 crore per year. KEL will also benefit from this increase in EV sales,” Ajinkya Firodia, KEL’s Managing Director, said.

He said that the Luna sold over 2,000 units every day at its peak and that it would do well in its new avatar.

He added that KEL has emerged as a one-stop shop for all major mechanical subassemblies of electric two- and three-wheelers. This is a statement that has seen explosive growth in the past twelve months.

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KEL stated that exactly 50 years ago, the Luna was launched by it. It was then priced at Rs 2,000 and “made it the most efficient, economical, convenient, and cost-effective transportation solution to India”.

According to the company, Luna was a very popular moped, with sales exceeding 2,000 per day. It also had a 95% market share at its peak.

KEL stated that all assemblies would be finished and duly painted at its Ahmednagar factory. KEL also installed over 30 new welding machines in a special shop at the plant. It also invested more than Rs 3 crore to upgrade its paint shop, press, and fabrication shops.

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