Mercedes-Benz India To Introduce New EV Module Into Its ADAM Course At RV College Of Engineering, Bengaluru

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MBRDI, Mercedes-Benz Research, and Development India have partnered up with Mercedes-Benz India in order to introduce the new EV module into its Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics course at RV College Of Engineering in Bengaluru.

MBRDI also supported the creation of a high-tech EV laboratory to support the industry’s transition to electric mobility.

Automotive Mechatronics can be described as a life-cycle activity that involves the multidisciplinary integration and maintenance of electronic and mechanical systems. This course is a unique opportunity to gain vocational competence and make students skilled workers in the global marketplace.

Manu Saale (MD and CEO of MBRDI), Shekhar Bhide (Vice-President of Customer Services and Corporate Affairs Mercedes-Benz India), Dr. M P Shyam (President, RSST) as well as Dr. K N Subramanya (Principal, RVCE Bengaluru), launched the one year upgraded comprehensive EV module and launched a first of its kind EV Lab on campus.

Saale stated, “Through the enhanced program and access to an EV Lab we are looking forwards to providing an immersive learning opportunity with hopes to empower and inspire students to innovate for the future smart and sustainable mobility.”

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The EV module is part of a 12-month ADAM course. This unique public-private collaboration aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge EV technologies. The new EV Lab features all the latest technology and simulation dynamics for EVs. This allows for live demonstrations and training that will help to grow the talent pool and support the ecosystem.

Bhide stated, “There is a need to ensure that the current academic curriculum is in line with the rapid change and evolving needs of the Indian EV Industry.” This is why we have introduced the enhanced EV module to address this particular requirement in order to support the transition towards e-mobility.

Dr. Shyam stated, “Since its creation in 2018, the ADAM program at RVCE has enjoyed unparalleled success among students who are interested in a career within the automotive industry.” Their learning and job prospects have been greatly enhanced by practical, hands-on training.

Dr. Subramanya stated, “We are happy that a high-end Electric Vehicle Engineering Laboratory has been established with the combined efforts of MBRDI as well as MBIL. The addition of EV to ADAM will enrich the curriculum and benefit ADAM graduates for their future career opportunities. With the new EV module, we ensure that students will have industry-required skills.

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