Zen Mobility Unveils Its First Range Of Light Electric Vehicles


Zen Mobility has unveiled its first range of mobility solutions. These include a four-wheeler LEV that can be used for multiple purposes called the Zen Maxi Pod’, and a cargo-built LEV called Zen Micro Pod. Recently, the company received the ARAI Certificate for Conformity for Zen Micro Pod.

The Zen Maxi Pod and Zen Micro Pod were designed using best-in-class technology and design. They offer comfort, convenience and a greater range. The Micro Pod is a solution to long-standing issues of riders and delivery partners in Last Mile Delivery. Zen Mobility also plans to launch a multi-purpose, new-age ‘Maxi Pod’ within the next few years.

The Zen Micro Pod and Maxi Pod were designed in Germany and made in India. They will be manufactured using components sourced locally, thereby supporting the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Namit Jain, Founder and CEO of Zen Mobility, said, “I am delighted to introduce Zen Mobility’s new range of customer-centric Electric Mobility Solutions. At Zen Mobility, we have critically analyzed the dynamic and complex nature of scenarios like Last Mile Delivery and intra-city goods mobility, and the challenges that users face during their transit. We have taken a design thinking approach towards conceptualizing and executing solutions in the form of Light Electric Vehicles (LEV), the Zen Micro Pod and Zen Maxi Pod that will provide better efficiency, productivity, safety, durability & cost-effectiveness in a range of use-cases and scenarios.”

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The Micro Pod is specifically designed to meet the needs of Last Mile delivery users. It is powered by Zen’s patented EV Drivetrain technology. It can be customized to fit the varying natures of delivery operations. The Micro Pod was specifically designed to be used for passenger commutes, but the Zen Maxi can also be used for goods delivery.

These vehicles are unique in engineering because they have a lightweight composite chassis that is made of a mixture of carbon fibres and glass fibres. This allows for a smoother driving experience than other EVs and ICEs. The Micro Pod has been tested on a variety of parameters, including steep roads, steep slopes and water wading. ARAI has certified it for its drivability and manoeuvrability as well as durability and performance.

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