Power Ministry Issues Amendment In Charging Infrastructure For EVs – ‘The Revised Consolidated Guidelines & Standards’


Ministry of Power issues amendment in the revised consolidated Guidelines & Standards dated for Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles issued by the Ministry on 14.01.2022.

It has been decided to make the following additions to these guidelines:

(a) Under the heading 3. Public Charging Infrastructure (PCI) Requirements”, para 3.1 (xi) has been added as under:

xi. The public charging stations shall have the feature of the prepaid collection of service charges with the time of the day rates and discounts for solar hours.

(b) Under the heading “8. Service charges at PCS”, para 8.3 has been added as under:

8.3 A Committee under Central Electricity Authority (CEA) will periodically recommend to the State Government the ceiling limit of service charges to be levied under para 8.2 above. This Committee shall also recommend a “time of the day rate ” for service charges as well as the discount to be given for charging during solar hours.

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