Delhi Government Installs 1,000 EV Charging Stations In Less Than 1 Year

EV Charging Point
A file photo of electric vehicle charging point

According to an official statement, the Delhi government has installed 1,000 EV charging stations for electric vehicles in less than 1 year under the single-window facility.

In the next three years, 18,000 of these points will be established by the government.

It established a single-window facility in November 2021 for the installation of EV charging stations in Delhi’s private and semi-public areas. This includes residential spaces such as apartments, group housing societies, and hospitals and commercial spaces such as shops, Kirana shops, and malls.

Any resident of Delhi may request installation from an empanelled vendor in their home through this facility. This can be done either online or over the phone.

Delhi is served by three electricity providers: BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, BSES Yamuna Power Limited and Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited.

For the first 30,000 charging points, Delhi’s EV policy offers a subsidy of Rs 6,000. After deducting Rs 6,000 the net cost to the user includes installation, maintenance and EV charger costs for three years.

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These EV chargers are as cheap as Rs 2,500 after subsidies.

In less than one year, the government completed the installation of 1,000 EV charging stations under the facility. This includes 682 charging stations installed by BRPL at 315 locations, 150 charging points at 70 locations by BYPL, and 168 charging stations installed at 50 locations by TPDDL.

Nearly 59% of these chargers were installed by Residents’ Welfare Associations. 15% of EV chargers were set up in offices and 13% in e-rickshaw parking.

The subsidy for these 1,000 charging points will be provided by the Delhi Government at Rs 60 lakh. Delhi Government has enlisted nearly 10 vendors to help citizens choose between EV chargers through a single window.

Kailash Gahlot, Transport Minister, stated that the government wants to improve the infrastructure for EV charging in Delhi by creating a network of public and private charging stations within 3 kilometres of any location in Delhi.

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It is only the beginning. Delhi plans to install 18,000 charging stations in the next 3-years, making it easier for the people pf Delhi to choose an Electric vehicle over an ICE car. He stated that Delhi plans to make every vehicle it purchases an Electric vehicle by 2024.

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