Most Of Mercedes-Benz Cars To Be Electric By 2030 In India

A file photo of Mercedes-Benz' EQS 580 4MATIC

German luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz stated that it is seeing a rise in sales in the current year and expects a growth rate of between 8-10% in the future.

The company sold 7,600 units in the first half. The company has an order bank of approximately 7,000 vehicles.

The company sold 11,242 vehicles in 2021. “We expect to see a growth rate of 8-10% per year over the next few years. With more than 15,000 vehicles sold, this will be our most successful year.” Martin Schwenk (chief executive officer, of Mercedes-Benz) stated that the market is experiencing a strong recovery.

As part of its growth strategy, the company is investing heavily in electric vehicles and expects that a majority of its Indian models will be electric by 2030.

“In the next 5 years, we expect about 25% of our sales from the electric segment. Most of our cars will be electric by the end of this decade.” He said that India is an EV-ready market and will see a successful transition towards electric cars within the next five to ten years.

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This is a great time to be selling a Made-in-India luxury electric vehicle, the EQS 580 4MATIC.

The company also plans to release two other electric models in the coming year: the AMG EQS 53 4MATIC and EQB all-electric SUV. The company hopes that the Centre and the states will continue to implement their pro-EV policies to increase demand in the sector.

Schwenk stated that there is no plan to produce EV batteries locally. “We constantly review our production portfolio as well as our localisation levels,” Schwenk said that it makes sense to increase localization when there is more volume.

The EQC was launched in 2020 and was the first electric Mercedes-Benz car in India.

Mercedes Benz India will create the largest ‘ultrafast charging network’ of luxury carmakers, covering 80% of India by the end of 2022. This is to encourage EV adoption. Mercedes-Benz customers will have access to the ‘ultrafast charging network’, which offers free charging services round the clock for the first year.

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