Tata Motors Is Looking Into Introducing Four-Wheel Drive Technology Of Its SUVs In Electric Version

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According to Shailesh Chandra, Tata Motors’ passenger vehicle business chief, Tata Motors is looking into launching four-wheel drive technology in its electric sports utility vehicles.

The auto manufacturer is currently unable to offer four-wheel drive trims in its existing product range, that includes models such as Safari, Harrier, and Nexon.

The company plans to have a portfolio that includes 10 electric products by 2025, including a mixture of all-new models and existing nameplates. Tata Motors is considering models beyond the Nexon range for possible candidates for the 4X4 upgrade.

“Our focus will be to try and do that in the electric vehicles. We are going to work on this in the electric version of our future SUVs,” Managing Director – Passenger Vehicle and Electric Vehicles, Tata Motors, Shailesh Chandra said.

He said that some of the products in the company’s expected lineup of 10 models would have the 4X4 capability. The four-wheel drive system allows power to flow to all four wheels, allowing it to overcome difficult offroad conditions.

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He further said, “Let us first transition to the new world (electric) and then we will start giving such an option there. If Harrier and Safari sales start going towards electric, then we can have four by four coming there.”

Chandra said that diesel cars would continue to be relevant in the SUV segment, stating that they would not disappear completely.

“This is where the play of diesel would be prominent. Beyond a certain emission norm, it would be difficult for diesel to really be seen as viable. So in the next ten years, it is expected to come to a very low level,” Chandra said.

He stated that the company wanted to expand its CNG product range in all relevant segments. The Mumbai-based CNG model is the only one in the company’s passenger vehicle product line.


  1. All wheel drive is needed in multi terrain applications of asphalt road, mud road, sand, snow etc etc.
    such extreme and varied situations are not prevalent in many parts of India.
    the cost factor is of prime concern and hence cautious treading into these unchartered territory is warranted.
    The thinking is in right line

    Let’s graduate slowly but steadily

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