ARAI Completes Successful Evaluation of SUN Mobility’s EV Battery Swap Solution for User Safety & Performance


SUN Mobility, the leading provider of energy infrastructure and services for  electric vehicles (EVs), becomes the 1st EV battery swapping provider to get its swapping station equipment validated as per IS 17017-1 & IEC 62840-2; Edition 1.02016-10, from Automotive Research Association of India  (ARAI). In the absence of any implemented standard for EV battery swapping stations, SUN Mobility has taken  the responsibility to proactively get its battery swapping station evaluated through a reputable and government certified body like ARAI. 

This testing by the ARAI is at par with the highest acceptable global and Indian safety standards and is quite  significant since there is no set benchmark for battery swapping stations. Electrical tests and verification,  EMI/EMC tests (IS 17017 -21-2), climatic environmental tests, swapping station functional tests, IP 44 and impact  tests were all conducted at ARAI in accordance with IS 17017-1 & IEC 62840-2; Edition 1.02016-10 Standards. 

SUN Mobility also received certification for its swappable battery pack as per the latest applicable standard AIS  156 from ARAI, which makes this battery pack one of the safest in India. All safety and electrical tests, such as  battery pack overcharge, over-discharge, fire resistance, short circuit, mechanical and thermal shock, vibration  and drop test, were performed at ARAI in accordance with the AIS 156 Standard. Srinivasa, Chief Technical Officer, SUN Mobility, said, “As a pioneer in battery swapping space, SUN Mobility has  the responsibility to drive this industry to innovate around solutions that are globally acceptable from safety and  functionality standpoints. Our collaboration with ARAI to curate the list of stringent tests based on global  standards available today is a testimony to our commitment to user safety in light of the recent untoward  incidents in the EV industry. The validation by ARAI helps us reinforce the trust that our customers and partner  ecosystem have put in us while adopting our battery swap solution. We will continue to strive to reinvent ourselves  and lead the innovation curve for EV battery swapping space globally.”

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