Volvo Group Begins Process to Set-up Electric Vehicle Battery Production Plant in Sweden


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The Volvo Group initiated the process of setting up a large-scale battery cell production plant in Sweden to meet growing demand for heavy-duty, battery-electric vehicles and machines.

“We are committed to leading the transition to a decarbonized transportation system. We also have the long-term ambition of offering our customers solutions that are completely fossil-free. Our customers are demanding electric products. We aim to sell at least 35% by 2030. This will require large quantities of high-performing, fossil-free energy batteries. It is the next logical step to include battery production within our future industrial footprint.” said Martin Lundstedt the President and CEO of Volvo Group.

A thorough site location study was done. It has shown that the Skaraborg region of Sweden is the ideal place for the plant. The proposed Mariestad site is located close to Skovde, the Volvo Group’s main powertrain plant. It will draw on the existing infrastructure in the region and have access to Sweden’s abundant supply of fossil-free energy. Two hours drive away are the Volvo Group’s R&D cencentersd headquarters in Gothenburg.

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Volvo Group plans to increase its capacity gradually and achieve large-scale production by 2030. These battery cells are specifically designed for commercial vehicle applications. They will support the global rollout of electric buses, trucks, and construction equipment as well as electric drivelines for various applications.

Approvals from the relevant authorities are required for the establishment of the production facility. After the public consultation, the final location will be determined. Operations are subject to the approval of environmental permits.

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