eRise – Drive Electric To Launch 5 Models Of Electric Two-Wheelers In India Soon

eRise e1 JIYO

KL Group’s automotive arm, eRise – Drive Electric launched its entry into the markets of India. eRise produces long-range, high-performance electric two-wheelers specifically designed for Indian highway conditions.

According to the company, it plans to launch three electric scooters at low speeds immediately and two autos at high speeds within the next 3 months. This firm plans to market more than 10,000 electric autos in the next 12 months.

The electric scooters will be made in Rohtak (Haryana) at 95,000 square feet. This facility has the ability to produce 30,000 vehicles per month.

According to an organization statement, the firm plans to launch its electric scooters with security-focused options. During the primary portion, eRise intends to increase its footprint to 200+ Dealerships throughout the nation at 175 places.

Puneet Goel is the CEO and co-founder of eRise – Drive Electric. He stated that “We are thrilled to introduce eRise into the Indian markets and make a name ourselves in the country’s burgeoning electric-scooter sector, which has a lot of potentials. We are looking forward to an exciting journey which will impact India’s emobility revolution. There are some exciting launches in the pipeline in the next few months.

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According to the corporate assertion, The KL Group is a conglomerate that has been around for five decades and has an excellent track record of building quite a few companies within India’s PetroChemicals, Construction, and Auto industries.

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