eBikeGo To Establish Manufacturing Plant Through Its Subsidiary Vajram Electric

eBikeGo, acquires manufacture and marketing rights for Torrot's European e-scooter Muvi

eBikeGo, an electric bike startup, announced that it will establish a manufacturing plant through Vajram Electric for its Velocipedo and Muvi brand of electric vehicles.

eBikeGo stated in a statement that the facility will produce powertrains and multiple product portfolios for domestic and international markets. Vajram Electric was established to fulfil the manufacturing needs of eBikeGo.

Late last year, the company announced that it had acquired marketing and manufacturing rights for European electric scooter Muvi, as well as manufacturing rights to electric trike Velocipado (Spanish automotive company Tarrot).

Vajram will create an integrated EV ecosystem using cutting-edge technology and business intelligence. The company stated that it will create a two-wheeler powertrain that allows for a wide range of vehicle configurations.

eBikeGo said that its subsidiary company will produce multiple futuristic product portfolios for India and international markets.

“We aim to be India’s first electric mobility company that is building an integrated EV ecosystem. A dedicated quality EV manufacturing unit is the need of the hour and Vajram Electric is the first and crucial step towards achieving this goal. Vajram Electric will offer modular, purpose-built EVs to solve the future of mobility,” said Irfan Khan, founder-CEO, eBikeGo.

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According to the company, contract manufacturing facilities will help reduce costs while allowing for low volumes and optimizing platform sharing. Currently, eBikeGo has seven locations and more than 2,500 vehicles available for rent.

According to the statement, the company is currently working with all major last-mile delivery firms and aims to target 2% of the domestic electric-two-wheeler market. It plans to launch a fleet of 2,00,000 bikes in approximately 100 cities across the country.

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