TRATON GROUP To Build High-performance Charging Network for Trucks in Germany


The TRATON Group welcomes the German government’s plans to create a high-performance charging system for battery-electric long-haul trucks. “Germany’s plans for an e-truck charging network that is high-performance are making it a global leader in the development of heavy-duty, battery-electric long-haul trucks. These vehicles could save up to 10 million tons of carbon dioxide per year if they are built in 100,000 units. To realize this potential, however we must accelerate implementation by making concrete agreements. For example, the tendering process for charging networks for trucks won’t begin until 2023. This means we plan to deliver our vehicles before the infrastructure is available.  And yet without this infrastructure, these trucks will not succeed”. Said Christian Levin, CEO of TRATON GROUP 

The Charging Infrastructure Master Plan, which was presented by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport and Germany’s National Centre for Charging Infrastructure, aims to build a high-performance charging infrastructure for battery electric trucks in Germany. The draft bill for the Immediate Action Programme for Climate Protection also includes it. The plan also calls for private companies to tender for the charging network. It takes into consideration the truck’s charging needs and the space required. Christian Levin stated that this news will help accelerate the transition to significant CO2 reductions in sustainable road transport. TRATON GROUP CEO urged for a charging network to be included in the Immediate Action Programme for Climate Protection by the German government. This would include 1,200 high-performance charging stations in Germany by 2025`. Levin stated, “This would make the most difference in reducing CO2 emissions for all transportation sectors.”

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The TRATON GROUP, in a joint venture with Daimler Trucks and the Volvo Group, makes a down payment for the establishment of a public charging system for heavy-duty battery electric trucks and coaches. In the next five years, there will be at least 1,700 high-performance green energy charging stations in Europe. The three partners plan to invest EUR500 million together to make this a reality. According to the companies, this is the largest ever charging infrastructure investment in Europe’s heavy-duty truck industry.

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