Schneider Electric Acquires EV Connect to Expand Emobility Revolution


Schneider Electric, a leader in energy management, has announced the acquisition of EV Connect, Inc. Schneider Electric will be able to accelerate the Company’s growth by acquiring EV Connect.

The Company has a solid foundation in sustainability, eMobility and energy management. Jordan Ramer, the CEO and founder of EV Connect, will continue to manage the operation as a separate subsidiary. He will keep the Company’s mission and customer service in mind.

“At Schneider Electric we believe that digital and electric are the recipe to a more sustainable world,” stated Nadege Petit (Chief Innovation Officer at Schneider Electric). “EV Connect shares a similar vision. We look forward working together to accelerate EV revolution.”

Schneider Electric is a great partner. Jordan Ramer, CEO of EV Connect, stated that they not only support our strategic objectives but fully embrace electricity’s value as a transport fuel managed by a robust, feature-rich, networked EV charging system. We are able to increase our presence in EV markets with Schneider. We look forward to the next chapter of EV Connect.

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