Shell Unveils Thailand’s World-Class Mobility Station


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The Shell Company of Thailand Limited launches Thailand’s first “Site of the Future” along Kanchanaphisek Road in Nonthaburi. Designed to be the destination of choice to cater to customers’ evolving lifestyle needs, this advanced mobility station model focuses on enhancing customer experiences, enabling more forms of transportation, and lowering its carbon footprint through innovation.

Mr. Panun Prachuabmoh, Country Chairman of The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, said, “Shell’s ‘Powering Progress’ strategy fosters collaboration across sectors in our commitment to deliver cleaner energy via world-class technology and innovation in support of energy transition and the governmental sustainability policies. I am delighted that we are delivering this world-class mobility station experience to customers in Thailand. The Site of The Future is part of Shell’s mission to support the country’s sustainable energy development and achieve net-zero emissions for the benefit of society and the environment.”

Mr. Ruengsak Sritanawiboonchai, Executive Director – Mobility Business of The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, added, “I am proud Shell Thailand was selected as one of the first countries in the Royal Dutch Shell Group to launch the Site of the Future model which showcases a major transformation in our station design globally. This model exhibits our commitment to deliver a top-of-class customer experience through a future-forward vision of mobility stations. Through strategic partnerships, with integrated digitalized services, and incorporating sustainability innovations, Shell’s Site of the Future aims to meet Thai consumers’ needs and contribute to driving our country forward with cleaner energy solutions and new innovations.”

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The Site of the Future is designed with a multitude of clean energy innovations, housing both biofuel and renewable energy amongst other technologies. A solar roof, LED lighting, and all electrical appliances with Energy Saving Label No.5 by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand reduce energy consumption. With a higher demand for electric vehicle (EV) chargers at service stations, the Site of the Future introduced Thailand’s first-ever ‘Shell Recharge’ in partnership with BMW ChargeNow, an onsite EV charging station, which offers both direct current (DC) Quick Charge and alternating current (AC) Normal charging points.

Mr. Alexander Baraka, President, BMW Group Thailand (BMW), stated, “Shell’s Site of the Future aligns with BMW’s goal to attribute nearly half of our total sales to fully electric vehicles by the end of the decade. The partnership between BMW ChargeNow and Shell initiates a collaboration to offer BMW ChargeNow’s first and well-received DC Quick Charge charging point in the country for greater clean energy solutions.”

The station also features an award-winning restroom developed in partnership with Siam Cement Group (SCG). Furthermore, environmentally sustainable features such as the wastewater treatment system, Aquonic 600, enhance the efficiency of water usage and is complemented with the Zyclonic system by SCG which treats the waste to decrease odour and germs.

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Mr. Chutinan Sirivasuvat, B2B Business Director, Siam Cement Group (SCG), stated, “Partnering with Shell’s Site of the Future strongly illustrates SCG’s mission to create a positive impact on the environment and the community by equipping waste management innovation to efficiently reuse wastewater.”

To ensure customer confidence, the site offers convenient, time-saving, and safe digitalized services. Whether it is a wireless payment option or loyalty points collection through the Shell GO+ application with phone numbers or digital cards, Shell’s contactless digital services ensure health and safety for both customers and site staff given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital signage is another highlight of Shell’s Site of the Future, starting from the entrance refuelling point to inside the stores. The station also offers advanced reservations through the LINE application for Shell HELIX OIL CHANGE+ and Shell Car Wash to enhance the Online-to-Offline (O2O) experience for customers.

Seventy percent of Site of the Future is dedicated to non-fuel retailing. The Site of the Future presents “Shell Shuan Shim Food Oasis” where customers can enjoy meals especially certified by Shell Shuan Shim. Shell has also partnered with Minor Food Group and other strategic business partners to deliver myriad offers along with Shell-branded shops such as Shell SELECT convenience store, delicafe´, Shell HELIX OILCHANGE+ as well as “Shell Car Wash”, Shell’s first-ever car care service which provides car wash, polish, paint and glass coating services.

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Mr Prapat Siangjan, Chief Operating Officer, Minor Food Group, stated, “Our vision and core belief are to prioritize customer satisfaction, and this is a factor that has been reflected throughout our longstanding partnership with Shell. We are confident in Shell’s calibre and are honoured to be a part of the first world-class future service station model, the Site of the Future. This partnership will not only allow Thais to recharge and refuel their cars, and but also their bodies.”

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