Fleely Energy to Set Up 1000 EV Charging Stations on Mumbai-Chandigarh Highway and in Cities


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Fleely, the India’s leading Owned EV Charging public fast charging network, announced a massive expansion of public chargers for Fleely customers across the India as a result of executing interoperability with Other EV Stations network.

These agreements will provide Fleely customers with access to more than 1000 fast charging stations network in India.

“Fleely continues to deliver the commitments to provide EV drivers with best-in-class customer service, reliability and convenience on the nation’s big public EV fast charging network,” said Hemant kumar, CEO of Fleely.

“Fleely’s DC Fast Charging Stations enhance self operability will make charging for fleely customers even more convenient through our strengthened commitment to open standards, collaboration, and innovation,” he said.

“Fleely Fast Charging Network not only benefit drivers, but the thousands of forward-thinking businesses that are increasingly investing in the EV revolution. Expanding access to charging solutions for drivers is key to enabling electric mobility today and into the future as transportation makes a generational shift. Collaborative efforts across the industry are ensuring a more seamless experience vital to paving the way to the mass adoption of electric vehicles and experience for drivers, fleets and businesses,” he added.

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Fleely also Working on Roaming Interoperability, the mechanism by which EV charging networks can enable their customers to use another charging network without the need to have multiple accounts. For example, if an Fleely customer wants to use a Level 2 Charger from TATA , MG or Other, the companies’ bilateral agreement means that driver can initiate a charge in the Fleely app without needing to create another customer account or carry an additional credential. These agreements make charging easier for customers, and industry-wide collaboration and cooperation without third party aggregators can help keep down costs.

As a leader in innovation, Fleely continues to strengthen its commitment to open standards. The company is already deploying equipment compliant with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), which enables remote activation and troubleshooting on all DC fast chargers on the Fleely public network.

The new bilateral agreements are all based the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) protocol, which enables network-to-network integration in a secure and open manner facilitating EV charging and financial settlement across networks without the need for drivers to use multiple credentials, said the company release.

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