Recharge Centres For EVs To Be Set Up Across Karnataka

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Karnataka Minister for Energy, Kannada and Culture V Sunil Kumar announced that recharge centres will be opened across the state in the near future as more and more electric vehicles are coming up in the state.

At the BJP state headquarters Jagannath Bhavan in Bengaluru, Kumar said to the reporters – “As more electric vehicles are coming up, electricity recharge centres will be opened all over the state. We have given responsibility to various Electricity Supply Companies (ESCOMs) to open recharge centres at the district centres and tourist centres,” 

He announced a host of initiatives being taken. The minister said a 100 days programme has been designed to provide electricity to households in the rural areas where there is no access to electricity. This will be implemented under the ‘Belaku’ project (Light), as per the wish of the chief minister.

He also spoke about the energy demand by farmers, and said there was a demand for continuous seven-hour power supply to agricultural pumps. To take care of this, more than 60 sub-stations will be built in 100 days by the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) to enable continuous electricity supply for agricultural pumps.

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A  ‘Transformer Bank’ will be set up to change the defective transformers. The damaged transformers will be replaced  in just 24 hours. He also holds the Kannada and Culture portfolio and said the trend to apply for the Rajyotsava Award should be discouraged so that the tradition of identifying the achievers across the state should begin.

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