ATLIS Signs Agreement With Australian Manufactured Vehicles

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Atlis Motor Vehicles (ATLIS), a startup mobility technology company, announced the signing of a Collaboration Agreement with Australian Manufactured Vehicles Pty Ltd (AusMV) in which AusMV will buy ATLIS XT pickups and complete right-hand drive production in Australia for sale in Oceania and Southeast Asia market under the ATLIS brand.

AusMV will purchase over 19,000 XT pickups through 2025 and will provide expertise in compliance and certification, as well as support in service and charging infrastructure for the Australian market.

ATLIS is developing a fully electric vehicle platform, proprietary battery cells, and packs, and the necessary charging infrastructure to recharge a 500-mile range battery in less than 15 minutes. The XT prototype will be revealed this year and production will begin in 2022. 

AUSMV is an Australian distributor for vehicles remanufactured to right-hand drive with Australia’s largest service network, focusing on American pickups and muscle cars.

“According to the Climate Council, Australia’s goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2035 equates to the need for 75 percent of new vehicle sales to be electric,” said Mark Hanchett, CEO, and founder of ATLIS.

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“Many traditional automakers have overlooked Australia when launching new EVs for a variety of reasons, but we see things differently. Our long-range, fast-charging electric work trucks are ideal for this market. We don’t need legislative imperatives and other incentives to ship vehicles to Australia and AusMV knows how to get them into owners’ hands.”

ATLIS’ expertise in battery and EV design, development, and manufacturing combined with AusMV’s competency in vehicle assembly and its truck market penetration in the market create an ideal partnership. ATLIS will exclusively sell the XT pickup to AusMV for distribution to the AusMV territory.

“ATLIS has an innovative product and a solid business plan that covers not only the vehicle production but also, battery manufacturing and charging technology that is suited to Australia’s conditions. Our confidence in the ATLIS team is so great, that we have invested in the company,” said Eddie Kocwa, managing director of AusMV and AusEV.

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