Pre-booking For Simple Energy’s E-scooter To Begin On August 15

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Simple Energy’s upcoming debut scooter ‘Simple One’ can be pre-booked with an initial amount of INR 1,947 on August 15. The amount of Rs.1947 denotes the year of independence. 

The company announced that it can be pre-booked through the company’s website. The e-scooter will be launched in 13 states across the country in phase 1. The price is between INR 1.10 lakh and INR 1.20 lakh.

Electric scooter Simple One will have a 4.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, a range of 240 km in eco mode, a top speed of 100kmph, and 0-50 km per hour acceleration in 3.6 seconds. It also boasts of a mid-drive motor along with a removable battery and futuristic design. It also comes with smart features such as touch screen, onboard navigation, and Bluetooth, among others.

Suhas Rajkumar, founder, and CEO, Simple Energy, said – “The pre-orders would be given priority delivery when the production begins. Through Simple One, we hope to create a benchmark in the EV industry. August 15 is a historic day for us too. We look forward to an electrifying year ahead.”

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The company is also working on a 2-lakh sq ft factory in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

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