MG Motor Introduces The Concept Of Car As A Platform (CAAP) In Its Soon To Be Launched Mid-size SUV


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Laying down its vision for the future and betting big on mobility solutions in the Indian automotive industry, MG Motor India introduced the concept of Car as a Platform (CAAP). With software at the heart of vehicle development, the carmaker is building an ecosystem of various in-car services and subscriptions in the areas of utility, entertainment, security, consumer payment and more. It will create various possibilities which will evolve with time, creating safer and smarter driving experiences.

MG is working actively with various global ecosystem partners in emerging technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence amongst others to form the support system for CAAP. This will further enable the development and application of services and subscriptions to support the increasing trend of on-demand in-car needs for the convenience of the customers.

Over time, CAAP would enable customers to engage with third-party partners across different fields such as entertainment, insurance etc., to avail economic benefits and experience personalized engagement throughout their ownership period as per their choice, need and selection.

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As part of its efforts to boost the start-up ecosystem, the automaker will soon offer opportunities to developers to create applications, services and various subscription models.

Previously, MG has introduced multiple firsts to the Indian automotive space with CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric). With CAAP, MG is building further on the overall stance of Auto-Tech and a future of possibilities.

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