Cygni Energy And Attero Join Hands For Responsible Recycling Of Lithium Batteries

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With the vision that the essence of the circular economy is to redefine the way we consider growth, Cygni Energy has joined hands with Attero, a leader in responsible recycling, for their Lithium battery recycling. This recycling of EV and ESS batteries helps in the conservation of natural resources and prevents pollution. It also saves energy spent on refining virgin materials and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The Li-Ion battery in the energy storage and EV market in India is expected to be over 50GWh in the next 5 years. The company aims at creating awareness amongst the users and encouraging them to dispose of the used batteries responsibly.

Venkat Rajaraman, Chief Executive Officer, Cygni Energy, said –  “At Cygni, we are rethinking energy with game-changing battery technologies. We believe our Energy Storage systems will be a key part of the future of transportation and the electric grid. Cygni has so far powered over 75MWh of ESS batteries and over 10,000 EVs through its Li-Ion batteries. This partnership with Attero is aimed at reusing and recycling the EV and ESS Li-ion batteries after their end-of-life thereby ensuring sustainable handling of those materials”

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Nitin Gupta, Attero’s Chief Executive Officer, said –  “Attero with its globally patented Li-Ion battery recycling technologies is proud to partner with Cygni, a leader in energy storage, to ensure that end of life batteries generated by Cygni and its customers are recycled in the most environmentally friendly & sustainable manner. This partnership will go a long way in ensuring that critical battery materials like Cobalt & Lithium are extracted through Attero’s globally best Urban Mining technologies and enable a robust circular economy in India. We are delighted to join hands with Cygni.”

Meanwhile, Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Institute Professor at IIT Madras who is advising both the companies said –  “As Electric Vehicles emerge, the usage of Li-Ion batteries will explode. It will be catastrophic if these batteries are thrown away into waste after their usage. Recycling will help India recover the materials like Lithium, Cobalt, Manganese, and Nickel, used in these batteries as India has very little of these. I am glad that Cygni, a leading manufacturer of Li-Ion Batteries and Attero, one of the best in near-effluent free Li-Ion battery cycling, have tied up. They need to ensure that every battery is recycled after usage.” 

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