SemaConnect Launches High Power Fleet EV Charging


SemaConnect, a pioneer in transportation electrification, develops and deploys smart, innovative, and cost-effective electric vehicle charging solutions worldwide, introduces the Series 7 Plus Charging Station for fleet applications. This new charging station is designed for commercial fleets that require high power, Level 2 charging. Rated at 19.2kW, the 80amp Series 7 Plus was specifically designed to charge the newest light and medium-duty electric trucks and buses in North America.

The Series 7 Plus is a more powerful version of the Series 7 standard charging station. Both the Series 7 and Series 7 Plus feature a sleek, elegant design, a slim footprint, rugged aluminum casing, interactive LED lights, recessed LED screen, and are ENERGY STAR certified. Each station has dual port J-1772 plugs that allow two fleet vehicles to charge at once. The Series 7 charging station charges EVs at maximum of 7.2kW, while the new Series 7 Plus is capable of charging at 19.2kW. The Series 7 Plus is the most powerful Level 2 fleet charging solution on the market and is a cost-effective solution for EV fleets that want to maximize power while minimizing costs.

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The SemaConnect Series 7 Plus charging station includes SemaConnect’s Fleet Management Software solution. This cloud-based software offers fleet managers complete insight into their fleet and helps ensure all vehicles are charged and ready to deploy. Managers assign a vehicle to a station and receive alerts on departure/return times. Station owners can tie the stations into the building management system and use smart load management features in the station software to take advantage of off-peak and partial peak electricity rates. Finally, the Fleet Management Software platform integrates with the SemaConnect Network platform of public/commercial EV charging stations, providing owners and managers with visibility into their entire EV charging network. Now fleet managers and building owners have the ability to generate robust reports on station utilization, energy efficiency, and public fees at all SemaConnect charging stations.

“Fleet managers need a smart, powerful, and cost-effective solution that ensures their fleets will be ready to deploy at 100% charge,” said Mark Pastrone, COO at SemaConnect. “The new Series 7 Plus makes it possible for businesses, schools, and governments to make the transition from gasoline to electric. Whether you’re converting to electric vans, trucks, or buses, SemaConnect empowers you to take charge of your fleet.”

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“This year, electric vehicles and electric fleets are taking off,” said Mahi Reddy, CEO at SemaConnect. “The Biden-Harris Administration is prioritizing government fleets in its new electrified transportation plans. With the new Series 7 Plus charging station, we’re redefining the charging experience for fleet operators. With 19.2kW of power, organizations have a new way to stay charged, save money, and set new trends for fleet operations.”

Mr. Reddy continued, “The EV market is rapidly evolving, which is why we’re focusing this year on expanding our product line and smart solutions. SemaConnect is ready to support residential, commercial, and fleet charging in 2021 and beyond. The Series 7 Plus is just the beginning.”

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