Charge Now for Business Electrifies Vehicle Fleets


Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS) is launching CHARGE NOW for Business, a service that makes it much easier for leasing providers, large companies and their fleet managers to access e-mobility for their vehicle fleets, thereby helping to increase acceptance levels. This also lays vital groundwork for the rapid electrification of company fleets.

Market for vehicle fleets with enormous potential for e-mobility
Globally, Europe is the market with the largest and most developed fleet management: two out of three new cars manufactured are destined for company fleets.

1) Although 80% of German company fleets do not yet use electric vehicles, the share of electric vehicles in company fleets is growing rapidly: from 2016 to 2018, the share of electric vehicles in fleets rose by 170%.

2) This effect is further reinforced by strict emissions EU regulations and na- tional statutory incentives (e.g. division of the company car tax rate from 1% to 0.5% in Germany, abolition of the company tax on company cars in the UK). Due to the increasing uptake of electric vehicles in company fleets, companies are therefore dependent on solutions to advance their own e-mobility strategy.

Numerous advantages, simple and clear
“CHARGE NOW for Business is a simple, safe and efficient solution for the electrification of company fleets and takes into account the needs of all parties involved. Our motto is: ‘Charge. Anytime. Anywhere.’ We are thus providing an important impetus for the develop- ment of electromobility”, says Markus Bartenschlager, Managing Director at DCS, explaining the objectives behind the new offer.

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The DCS digital solution enables fleet managers to keep track of the charging behaviour of all vehicle and tariff groups deployed as well as all invoices, while at the same time providing access to operational charging points. All data of employees’ different charging processes is displayed in a transparent reporting system. Drivers benefit from maximum user- friendliness, while the fleet manager always retains control and an overview. CHARGE NOW for Business can also be seamlessly integrated into existing fleet management software to make the transition to electric mobility as smooth as possible.

The spread of electromobility in company fleets – and with it the path to a more sustainable future – particularly depends on factors such as a nationwide charging infrastructure and the simplest possible charging process. That’s why Digital Charging Solutions offers the fastest growing charging network with more than 150,000 charging points in 30 markets as well as cross-border charging – something from which companies and employees can benefit.

CHARGE NOW for Business users also get access to a variety of functions, which they can use to find the right charging point easily and conveniently along their planned route, for example. Authentication is carried out at the charging point via app or RFID card, with which drivers can charge across countries at all 450 partner charge point operators.

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Absolute charging flexibility
In addition to access to public charging points, the new service now enables companies to allow their employees and visitors to conveniently charge on company premises during or after working hours. To this end, company charging points are displayed and made accessible exclusively to drivers who are authorised to use them. These company-specific charging options can also be integrated into the DCS publicly accessible charging network, thus opening up further opportunities for monetisation.

In future, company car drivers can choose the appropriate service and hardware wallbox and therefore also conveniently charge their electric cars at home. A direct connection between the respective wallbox and the driver’s saved account will enable an overview of the charging processes carried out at home and the reimbursement of the electricity costs incurred by the driver.

Charging processes started on the road or at work can also be transparently monitored thanks to CHARGE NOW for Business. The corresponding invoices are easily accessible via the dedicated fleet portal.

Whether on the road, at work or at home – the various offers are intended to focus on user flexibility and to facilitate access to electromobility for fleets and their drivers.

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