EESL Invites Bids For 1020 Power Conversion Systems And Fast Combo EV Chargers


The Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has invited bids for 1020 power conversion systems and fast combo electric vehicle EV chargers.

The last date for the submission of online bids and the techno-commercial bids is 28-04-2020.A pre-bid meeting was held on 31-03-2020.

The scope of work includes location survey, planning, supply, installation & commissioning along with 3 years comprehensive on-site warranty and Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) for 1020 Nos. Power Conversion Systems (PCS) of all types (DC-001 15kW, CCS2 50kW, Type 2 AC 22kW and fast combo charger – (122-150kW CCS2+ CHAdeMO+AC Type 2) which can be extendable up to 10 years.

EESL stated that to contain the spread of COVID-19 they have decided to avoid personal pre-bid meetings & urge the bidders to submit online pre-bid queries online latest by April 2, 2020.

As Security deposit bidder should submit an amount of Rs.12,00,000 for Lot 1, Rs.14,00,000 for Lot 2, Rs.17,00,000 for Lot 3, Rs.14,00,000 for Lot 4, Rs.300,000 for Lot 5, Rs.200,000 for Lot 6, Rs.400,000 for Lot 7, Rs.1000,000 for Lot 8, and Rs.2,00,000 for Lot 9.

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Eligibility criteria to participate is that for the past three years the bidder should be in the business of manufacturing electrical equipment related to battery chargers, storage batteries, electrical switch gears, transformers, converters, cables, and meters. Government-owned enterprises in the Purchaser’s country shall be eligible only if they can establish that they (i) are legally and financially autonomous, (ii) operate under commercial law, and (iii) are not a dependent agency of the Purchaser. The bidders should be profitable in at least 2 of the last three preceding years or the profitability condition should be complied with by all the consortium members for a joint venture or consortium 

The annual turnover of the bidder for the last three financial years should be Rs.172 million for Lot 1, Rs.203 million for Lot 2, Rs.251 million for Lot 3, Rs.212 million for Lot 4, and Rs, 47 million for Lot 5, Rs. 27 million for Lot 6, Rs.56 million for Lot 7, Rs.156 million for Lot 8, and Rs.36 million for Lot 9.

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The document stated that bidders will also have to submit details of in-house facilities for manufacturing electrical equipment related to battery chargers, storage batteries, electrical switch gears, transformers, converters, cables, and meters, which should include a testing facility for mechanical, electrical, electronic, and other related technical standards.

Recently EESL signed MoU with BSNL to install 1000 public charging stations across India. EESL has commissioned 300 AC and 170 DC chargers across India.

EESL also tied up with BHEL to set up a network of public charging stations at highways and cities across India.

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