ePluto 7G MAX: PURE EV’s Latest Electric Scooter Delivers 201 KM Range

A file photo of PURE EV EPluto 7g Max

PURE EV has introduced the ePluto 7G MAX, priced at Rs 1,14,999 (ex-showroom), offering an impressive range of 201 kilometers per charge. This electric scooter comes equipped with a range of features, including HillStart Assist, DownHill Assist, Coasting Regen, Reverse Mode, and Smart AI for Battery Longevity. It is available for booking nationwide, with deliveries set to commence during the upcoming festive season. The ePluto 7G MAX is offered in four colors: Matte Black, Red, Grey, and White.

Key specifications of the ePluto 7G MAX include a 3.5 KWH heavy-duty battery with smart BMS, Bluetooth connectivity, a powertrain with a peak power output of 2.4 KW, a CAN-based charger, and three different driving modes. The scooter incorporates seven different microcontrollers and numerous sensors, enabling powerful processing capabilities. It can also receive future Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates.

Rohit Vadera, Co-Founder and CEO of PURE EV highlighted the scooter’s enhanced features, stating that it is designed for consumers who drive around 100 kilometers per day and want to avoid frequent charging. The ePluto 7G MAX includes AI-enabled power discharge management, improving the battery’s life cycle by 50%. It also features intelligent throttle response based on the riding terrain and smart sensors for incline and decline control.

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Vadera emphasized the scooter’s improved powertrain efficiency, boasting an efficiency rating of over 92%. Braking performance has also been enhanced, resulting in a 30% increase in the life cycle of front and rear brakes. The scooter features regenerative braking capabilities and reverse mode assist, along with parking assist features. It comes with a standard battery warranty of 60,000 kilometers and an extended warranty option of 70,000 kilometers.

Furthermore, PURE EV aims to offer the ePluto 7G MAX to business and government entities, citing successful deployments of their long-range motorcycles with organizations such as TATA Power and various government departments. The company is actively expanding its dealer network across cities and towns, with a target of over 300 touchpoints by the end of the fiscal year 2024.

This launch represents PURE EV’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, providing consumers with a competitive electric scooter option equipped with advanced features and technology.

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