Kia Trademarks Eight New Electric Vehicles In India, Including Flagship EV9


Kia has secured trademarks for eight new electric vehicle (EV) models in India, ranging from the EV1 to the flagship EV9. While the EV9 is confirmed for an Indian launch next year, the status of the others remains unconfirmed. These trademarked names suggest Kia’s potential plans to introduce its entire EV lineup in India. The naming convention indicates their relative sizes and positioning, with the EV1 being the entry-level model and the EV9 as the flagship.

Currently, the EV6 crossover is already available in India, and the EV5 was recently unveiled in production form. The EV5, a 4.6-meter-long SUV, will initially be sold in China and eventually in select global markets. This trademarking news comes just ahead of Kia’s EV day on October 12, where more details about these upcoming models are expected to be revealed.

Recent sightings suggest that a Seltos-sized upright SUV, likely named the EV4, is in the works, measuring around 4.2 meters in length. Details about the remaining four vehicles, including their body styles and sizes, are yet to be disclosed, and it’s uncertain which of these will make their way to India. Further information is anticipated to be unveiled during Kia’s EV day in 2023.

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