Lexus Presents the Theme of Diversification and Electrification Aiming to Deliver New Value to Customers

  • Lexus unveiled its model lineup, which aims to deliver new value in response to diversifying customer needs across the globe, for the first time in Japan.
  • Lexus has developed a customer experience program for the ROV Concept that is equipped with a hydrogen engine, with the aim of coexisting with nature.
  • Lexus enhances its unique battery EV development and promotional activities that are geared towards achieving a carbon-neutral society.

Lexus hosted the LEXUS SHOWCASE event for global media, where they shared insights into the diversification and electrification efforts of the Lexus brand. Lexus International President, Takashi Watanabe, introduced Lexus’ new model lineup that meets the diversified needs of customers and regions across the world. Additionally, he discussed the future direction of Lexus’ vehicle manufacturing as well as efforts to take on the challenge of developing and promoting battery EVs to achieve a carbon-neutral society.

The LEXUS SHOWCASE presented a new model lineup that world premiered in other regions in the first of half of 2023, together for the first time in Japan. In addition, Lexus announced the start of a customer experience program for the ROV Concept which is equipped with a hydrogen engine. This program aims to deliver an experience where customers feel connected to the harmony of nature, maintain the joy of driving while remaining environmentally friendly, and experience a driving sensation that only engine-powered vehicles can offer. Lexus also announced the direction of future vehicle development through electrification technology, which is currently under development, with the goal of providing a driving experience unique to the brand.

Since its inception in 1989, Lexus has upheld the mindset of “Pushing Boundaries,” constantly challenging the conventional notions of luxury cars and consistently delivering new technologies and values to its customers. As a luxury lifestyle brand, the company will remain agile and attentive to customer needs and the evolving times, unwavering in our endeavor to craft cars that bring a smile to customers’ faces.

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Offering new values of diversified luxury, the model lineup announced for 2023 was debuted for the first time in Japan. The “LM” stands as a bold new option for chauffeur-driven vehicles. The “LBX” transcends the conventional size hierarchy and is a car for customers with a discerning sense of taste that can be driven casually. The “GX” combines genuine off-road capability with refined on-road luxury, and the “TX” caters exclusively to North American customers with its spacious three-row seating, ensuring comfortable travel. Lexus will continue to deliver models that meet the diversified needs of our customers around the world. In response to the expectations and requests of many customers, Lexus plan to release the GX in Japan within the next year.

Furthermore, Lexus will launch a customer experience program aimed at the future practical application of the ROV Concept (ROV), which features a Lexus first hydrogen powered engine. In developing the ROV, the goal was to offer a distinctive driving experience not possible with regular passenger cars. This was achieved through a compact body size and exceptional off-road capabilities, which allows for an exhilarating driving experience and a chance to connect with the grandeur of nature. By using a hydrogen engine, the ROV aims a balance between environmental consciousness and the thrill of feeling the heartbeat of an engine.

ROV utilizes low environmental impact technologies in its vehicle components thanks to the cooperation of partner companies who share the same vision. Lexus will continue to provide a variety of experiences that allow customers to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, based on the idea of “inspiring a deeper love and understanding of nature”. Additionally, Lexus will use the opinions collected through customer experience programs as feedback to further advance future technological developments for practical applications.

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Lexus will continue its efforts to achieve a carbon-neutral society, centered around battery EVs. As a car manufacturer, the company will also provide new services and joy of driving. For about 10 years, Lexus has been working on enhancing the basic performance and characteristics of its vehicles as well as refining the taste of the Lexus’ driving signature. This driving expereince will of course be carried forward with the battery EV and taken to an even higher level with our electrification technology. The core technologies Lexus have been working on include seamless drive force control with the DIRECT4 four-wheel drive system and the Steer-by-Wire system, which provides an intuitive, linear steering feel.

Lexus will continue to pursue a natural dialogue between driver and car that evnokes the joy of driving. In addition, with the AE86 and the RZ Sports Concept which were unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon this January, Lexus is rethinking new ways to inspire the love of driving and cars, even with battery EVs, as the car manufacturer work towards becoming a carbon neutral.

Furthermore, through the Lexus Electrified Sport Concept, the manufacturer will drive the development of future electrification technologies such as all-embracing batteries, aerodynamics, weight reduction, and high rigidity.

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In addition, Lexus will take on the challenge of sustainable initiatives that consider the natural environment. Without being bound by conventional values of luxury, the company will utilize recycled and man-made materials to create new, high-quality interiors. Furthermore, in preparation for the full-fledged adoption of battery EVs in the future, the “Lexus Electrified Program” will deploy BEV concierges at all 186 dealers to assist customers with any problems they may have. Additionally Lexus will be expanding the charging infrastructure, enhance services and provide experiences that enrich their customers lifestyle.

In 2026, Lexus will introduce a next-generation battery EV with a revolutionary modular vehicle body structure, a drastically changed production method, and a completely renewed software platform. This concept model will be unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show in October of this year as part of Lexus commitment to changing the future of automobiles through electrification.

Carbon Neutrality Initiatives for the ROV (Recreational Off-highway Vehicle)

CorporationItemDevelopment Technology
Yamaha Motor Co.EngineHydrogen Engine (jointly developed)
KYB CorporationShock AbsorbersBiodegradable Hydraulic Fluid
Covestro Japan CorporationFront Window ShieldLow Carbon Resin Window
C.I. Takiron Co.
Toyota Industries Corporation
Toyoda Gosei Co.Front Hood
Front Bumper
Recycled Resin + Bio-material (CNF)
Toyota Motor Kyushu Corporation
Nifco Inc.ClipsBiodegradable Resin
Toyobo MC Co., Ltd.Seat back supporterThree-dimensional Mesh Fiber Structure (“Horizontal Recycling”)

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