2023 Competitive Benchmarking Report: North American Electric Truck Servicing Aftermarket – Collaboration Strategies and Emerging Business Models for OE Suppliers and Electrification Service Providers


A news report, “North American Electric Truck Servicing Aftermarket Competitive Benchmarking,” has been released by ResearchAndMarkets.com. This report focuses on the competitive landscape of the North American electric truck market and its potential aftermarket services. It offers insights into the strategies employed by key OEMs and non-OEMs operating in the electric truck sector.

The report assesses the scale of the opportunity by forecasting the number of Light-Duty (LD), Medium-Duty (MD), and Heavy-Duty (HD) trucks in operation and their average mileage. With the increasing emphasis on reducing carbon emissions in the transportation industry, the demand for electric trucks is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Efficient service and maintenance will play a critical role in ensuring smooth operations and gradually replacing Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) trucks in the transportation sector. As more than 15 electric truck models were introduced by the end of 2022, the need for an extensive service network has become evident.

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Remote diagnostics and on-site mobile diagnostics are emerging as essential components along the electric truck value chain. Service providers are presented with an opportunity to serve OEMs and suppliers seeking to provide maintenance for electric trucks. Although electric truck adoption is in its early stages, data analytics and insights will aid in transitioning from maintaining ICE fleets to electric fleets.

It is crucial to equip personnel with the necessary skills. Therefore, collaboration among electric truck OEMs, component suppliers, and service providers is essential to train and upskill qualified personnel while enhancing existing aftermarket service networks. The electric truck servicing sector offers substantial growth prospects, particularly in the area of remote diagnostics and prognostics.

Partnerships between technology firms and service providers for advanced software and system development are expected to create new revenue streams and innovative business models in the electric truck servicing industry.

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