SMEV Hails PM-eBus Sewa Scheme As Urban Electric Vehicle Adoption Catalyst


The PM-eBus Sewa initiative is poised to act as a catalyst for driving the adoption of electric vehicles in urban areas, according to a statement by the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV) on Thursday.

By targeting buses, a major contributor to urban pollution, this decision is expected to substantially reduce pollution and carbon emissions, as stated by SMEV Director General Sohinder Gill.

The move is strategically aimed at promoting electric vehicles in various urban centers, thereby fostering a broader embrace of electric mobility.

The initiative not only holds the potential for creating direct employment opportunities and upskilling existing resources but also introduces economies of scale for electric bus procurement. It’s seen as a significant step toward India’s self-reliance, environmental stewardship, and its ambition to become an electric vehicle hub.

Additionally, Gill highlighted the importance of electrifying two-wheeler mobility, considering its mass usage, which could play a significant role in India’s electric vehicle mission.

The Union Cabinet recently approved the ‘PM-eBus Sewa’ scheme, which plans to deploy 10,000 electric buses in 169 cities through a public-private partnership model.

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The estimated cost of the scheme is Rs. 57,613 crore, with Rs. 20,000 crore contributed by the central government and the remaining by states. The PM-eBus Sewa scheme will support bus operations for 10 years.

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