Amritsar’s Green Transport Revolution: E-Rickshaws To Dominate The Streets From September


The holy city of Amritsar is set to embrace a green transportation transformation as e-rickshaws take over the streets starting September this year. Under the Amritsar Smart City project, Rahi Yojana aims to promote e-rickshaws and create a pollution-free environment.

According to Commissioner of Amritsar Municipal Corporation, Sandeep Rishi, the initiative encourages individuals to replace old diesel autos with e-rickshaws by providing a subsidy of INR 1.40 lakh and offering “zero down payment” in bank loans.

To gauge the number of diesel autos operating in the city, registration camps have been set up from July 12 to 21 near the Ranjit Avenue Office and Guru Nanak Bhavan. Rishi expressed satisfaction with the response, stating that old diesel auto drivers were registering themselves with their documents at the camp.

Amritsar’s religious, historical, and commercial significance attracts millions of devotees and traders daily. The city is also well-known for its international airports and the Attari international border, making e-rickshaws an eco-friendly choice for transportation.

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Commissioner Sandeep Rishi announced that the registration camps for e-rickshaws would be operational continuously on weekends, urging diesel auto drivers to attend the camps and complete their registration process.

To ensure a smooth transition, all e-rickshaw purchases from designated companies under the Smart City project should be completed by August 31.

From September 1 onwards, only “Raahi e-rickshaws” will be allowed to operate on all major roads in Amritsar, promoting a greener and cleaner city.

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