Kochi Metro Plans To Enhance Feeder Services With Electric Buses


Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) has taken steps to enhance last-mile connectivity for Kochi Metro by introducing electric bus services from the Water Metro terminal at Kakkanad to Infopark and other areas in Kakkanad. In this regard, KMRL has called for expressions of interest from bus operators to provide electric feeder bus services on various city routes.

Presently, the KSRTC operates feeder services that link the Kakkanad Water Metro terminal to Infopark. Nevertheless, there have been grievances regarding the irregularity and lack of effectiveness of these services, making it challenging to attract passengers. The inconsistency in schedules and frequent cancellations have had a negative impact on the Water Metro services that connects Vyttila as well as Kakkanad.

Arjun Prakash of Kochi Next Forum highlighted that the existing KSRTC feeder services lack reliability due to confusion over the routes and schedules, as the details are not adequately published. The condition of the buses used for these services has also been a concern, with frequent service cancellations.

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Initially designed to cater to Infopark employees, the feeder services have not gained popularity due to the lack of clarity. To address these issues, KMRL plans to collaborate with private bus operators and launch new feeder services, including AC buses and both electric and non-electric options. Previously, KMRL had partnered with Kleen and Smart Bus Limited for its feeder services, which have now been discontinued.

The introduction of e-bus services and improvements in feeder bus operations aim to enhance the convenience and efficiency of the Kochi metro system, ensuring better connectivity and encouraging increased use of public transportation.

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