Tamil Nadu Calls For Industry Support In Building Comprehensive EV Sector Roadmap


A government official highlighted the importance of industry participation in building and supporting the electric vehicle (EV) segment in Tamil Nadu.

The state is actively developing a comprehensive EV sector roadmap to compete globally, with plans to establish a government facilitation center in Coimbatore in collaboration with 25 companies to boost the EV industry.

The state aims to attract investments for cell manufacturing units from companies committed to investing in Chennai and nearby regions. Additionally, a government facilitation center for EV testing facilities is being planned, along with a focus on skilling and upskilling employees in the sector.

During the EV Summit organized by the Tamil Nadu Technology Development and Promotion Centre of the CII, representatives from Mahindra and Mahindra and Ashok Leyland emphasized the significance of resources like lithium for EV manufacturing.

India has recently announced substantial lithium deposits in the Jammu and Kashmir region. However, the EV industry faces challenges related to infrastructure development for electric and hydrogen vehicles, particularly charging infrastructure.

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Ensuring seamless charging solutions is crucial to alleviate anxiety related to EV travel. Another crucial aspect is technology development, such as battery swapping, self-charging, and high-speed charging technologies, which are essential for EV adoption and growth in the sector.

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