Electric Mobility Pioneer Erisha Partners with Lakshmi India Finance to Revolutionize EV Financing


Erisha E Mobility Pvt Ltd and Lakshmi India Finance Pvt Ltd have recently joined hands through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement. This strategic collaboration has a clear objective – to offer loan facilities to prospective customers in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat who aspire to own electric three-wheelers manufactured by Erisha E Mobility.

The signing ceremony witnessed the esteemed presence of key representatives, including Mr. Sudhir Rana, Managing Director of Erisha E Mobility Pvt Ltd, and Mr. Kuldeep Singh Sikarwar, Chief Business Officer of Lakshmi India Finance Pvt Ltd. Also in attendance were prominent figures from Erisha E Mobility, including Mr. Munish Kumar, Group President; Mr. Parminder Singh Baweja, Executive Director; Mr. Ravindra Singh Khaneja, Zonal Head; and Mr. Naresh Thakur, Retail Finance Head.

Mr. Ravindra Singh Khaneja, Zonal Head of Erisha E Mobility, expressed his profound enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting its potential to offer enhanced financial solutions to customers and create new avenues for earning. He underscored the exceptional features of Erisha’s electric three-wheelers in the L5 category, which boast a robust 200 amps lithium-ion battery and a powerful 10.5 kW motor, rendering them highly versatile for a wide range of loading tasks. These vehicles are unrivaled in their class, excelling in both haulage and passenger transportation. Noteworthy attributes include a two-speed gearbox, a substantial lifting capacity of approximately 700 kgs, and a remarkable 39-month warranty, ensuring customers’ confidence in their investment.

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Mr. Kuldeep Singh Sikarwar, the esteemed Chief Business Officer of Lakshmi India Finance Pvt Ltd, echoed equal enthusiasm about the newly formed partnership. He expressed utmost confidence that this collaboration would deliver an exceptional experience to their valued customers. With 93 branches operating in Rajasthan, Lakshmi India Finance has built a stellar reputation for providing loans on various types of vehicles and stands among the top four preferred financiers in the region.

The alliance between Erisha E Mobility and Lakshmi India Finance holds the promise of revolutionizing accessibility to electric three-wheelers, while concurrently contributing to the promotion of sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat.

Together, these two forward-looking companies are poised to drive positive change in the automotive industry, fostering a greener future and empowering individuals with greener mobility choices.

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