JBM Auto Secures An Order For The Supply Of 5,000 Electric Buses


JBM Auto Limited and its subsidiaries secures orders for approximately 5,000 electric buses. These buses will be supplied to various State Transport Undertakings (STUs) in states such as Gujarat, Haryana, Delhi, Telangana, and Orissa, as well as multiple Fortune 500 companies and leading corporates across the country. The orders encompass a wide range of applications, including city buses, staff buses, and tarmac coaches, in both the 9-meter and 12-meter categories.

With this significant achievement and a robust order book, JBM Auto is poised to strengthen its position as a comprehensive end-to-end electric mobility solution provider. The company’s success can be attributed to its in-house development of vehicle technology, battery technology, and charging solutions. By catering to the evolving market demands in the electric mobility domain, JBM Auto is gaining new market access and expanding its market share.

JBM Auto remains dedicated to meeting the emerging market requirements for electric mobility and contributing to the development of a sustainable future. With its expertise in electric vehicle technology and comprehensive product portfolio, the company is well-positioned to contribute to the country’s transition to a cleaner and more eco-friendly transportation ecosystem.

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