PURE EV Partners With SIDBI To Deploy 20,000 Electric Two-Wheelers Across India

A file photo of ePluto 7G Pro of Pure EV

PURE EV, a leading company specializing in sustainable mobility solutions through electric two-wheelers, has joined forces with SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India) to roll out 20,000 electric two-wheelers (E2W) throughout India.

This collaboration was established as part of the EVOLUTION program, hosted by SIDBI and World Bank India, aiming to lease 50,000 vehicles to aggregators, thus facilitating the smooth and sustainable adoption of electric vehicles.

PURE’s diverse range of electric two-wheelers, including models like ETrance NEO, ePluto 7G, and ecoDryft, has been selected for this ambitious initiative. Additionally, PURE has secured empanelment with IDBI, making fleet financing solutions easily accessible for customers.

This partnership aims to streamline fleet acquisition processes and promote the transition to sustainable transportation.

Rohit Vadera, co-founder and CEO of PURE EV, expressed enthusiasm for this milestone, highlighting the company’s dedication to sustainable mobility and its pivotal role in driving the nationwide adoption of electric vehicles.

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With the support of SIDBI, PURE EV aims to make a significant impact in the B2B and fleet segments, contributing to a cleaner and greener transportation landscape.

PURE EV has been expanding its product portfolio and plans to extend its presence to 300 cities by the end of 2023, building on its existing network of over 130 exclusive dealerships across India.

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