Tata Power Partners With Ranchi Airport Authority To Install EV Chargers At Birsa Munda Airport

A file photo of Tata Power collaborates with Ranchi Airport Authority to install EV charging points

Tata Power, one of India’s largest and fastest-growing EV charging solution providers, has collaborated with the Ranchi Airport Authority (RAA) to install two public 30 Kw chargers at the Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi.

The partnership is aligned with Tata Power’s commitment to encouraging EV adoption in India as well as the government’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) to support the electrification of private and public vehicles by providing the necessary infrastructure.Level-1 chargers are one of the three-speed levels of charging devices for electric vehicles (EVs), the other two being fast EV chargers and rapid EV chargers. It provides a lower charging rate, between 2.3kW and 2.5kW, using standard household electrical outlets like an AC to provide power to the EV. This charging device is more suited to cater to EV owners who come to receive or see off their family or friends or EV cabs and pre-booked cabs while waiting for their passengers.

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Speaking about the partnership, Mr Virendra Goyal, Head of Business Development-EV Charging, Tata Power said, “We are incredibly proud to engage with the Ranchi Airport Authority to install EV chargers. We remain committed to bringing EV charging infrastructure to where the customers are; in fact, it is another step towards realising our common commitment to sustainability and lowering carbon footprints. This is also certain to address the range anxiety amongst potential and current EV owners in the city.”

Mr.K.L Aggarwal, Airport Director, Birsa Munda Airport – Ranchi said, “We are pleased to collaborate with India’s most reputable and well-known energy firm. With this initial installation of EV chargers, we hope to serve hundreds of EV operators and families in Ranchi who come to see off or welcome their family and friends at the airport. While waiting, they can charge their vehicle from a trusted source without any hassle.”

Tata Power has an extensive network of over 3778 public and captive EV chargers that have been energised across 350 towns and cities, covering shopping malls, recognised highways, and metro stations, among others. It also includes 39,000+ home chargers & 234 bus-charging points. Tata Power is committed to providing EV charging solutions to every corner of the county and has also partnered with various real estate developers to achieve the government’s goal of a 30% EV adoption by 2030.

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