Komaki Unveils Upgraded TN 95 Electric Scooter 2023 Model

A file photo of Komaki Unveils Upgraded TN 95 Electric Scooter 2023 Model

Continuing its mission to revolutionize India’s clean mobility landscape, Komaki, one of the most trusted electric vehicle manufacturers in the country, has rejigged its popular electric scooter – Komaki TN 95, the largest scooter in the country. The 2023 model of the Komaki TN 95 is equipped with anti-skid technology and is available with LiFePO4 app-based smart batteries. The advanced batteries of the new TN 95 electric scooters are fire-resistant and take only 4 to 5 hours to get fully charged.

The TN 95 2023 model of Komaki has enhanced speed and performance, and riding mechanics and is designed to give an electrifying trip with every ride. The new electric scooters have free extra storage and safety guard. Some of the unique features of the advanced EV include LED DRL front winkers, dual LED headlamp, 5000 Watt Hub motor, 50 AMP controller, parking assist, cruise control, and reverse assist. The TFT screen of the upgraded Komaki TN 95 provides onboard navigation, a sound system, Bluetooth and on-ride calling facilities. The smart scooters have three gear modes with regen – Eco Mode, Sports Mode and Turbo Mode.

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“Inspired by the traditions of India, KOMAKI TN 95 is India’s first family scooter. It is large in size, with special seating arrangements and numerous safety features that make it the safest and most advanced two-wheeler in India. Safety has always been our top priority, and the new model comes with advanced safety features and is also comfortable to ride. TN 95 has already gained much popularity in the Indian market, and I am optimistic that the upgraded 2023 model will soon become the favourite choice of the Indian riders who are looking for clean and safe mobility solutions,” said the Director of Komaki Electric Division Gunjan Malhotra.

Komaki TN 95 2023 model has a dual disc brake system and a Keyfob for keyless entry and control. The maximum speed of the vehicles can reach up to 75 – 85 km per hour. The electric scooters have a boot space of 18 Ltrs along with all-inclusive accessories like a footrest, additional storage, and a full bodyguard. The TN 95 Sport with a mileage range of 130 to 150 Km comes at an ex-showroom price of Rs 1,31,035, and the more advanced TN 95 Sport with a mileage range of 150 to 180 Km is available in the market at an ex-showroom price of Rs 1,39,871. The electric vehicles are available in metal grey and cherry red colours.

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