Kia Announces Four New Electric Van Models And Invests $758 Million In New EV Production Plant


By investing $758 million in a brand-new battery electric vehicle production plant in its home country, Kia is stepping up its EV game. The automaker has prodded another electric van range comprising four distinct models, as it plans to grow its presence in the business vehicle fragment. Kia is concentrating on gaining a larger share of the commercial vehicle market in addition to increasing production of its passenger electric vehicles.

The automaker has announced that four new electric van models will be available for purchase. The debut of the first van is anticipated in 2025. According to the automaker’s initial sketches, these purpose-built vehicles have been designed to accommodate various body styles and sizes. The new electric van line from Kia, internally known as the SW project, is expected to be adaptable and versatile.

Regarding the design, the upcoming electric vans from Kia appear to be similar to the electric vehicle concepts that the Canoo EV startup previously displayed. Kia has uncovered mysteries of the new electric van range, which is set to incorporate one enormous, one little, and one medium size van, including a conveyance van and a ride-hailing van, as well as an independent driving robotaxi. The SW series of electric vans, according to Kia, will come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different businesses.

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According to Kia, the first electric van will be a midsize model, with a larger LCV coming later. There will be versions of the larger electric van that can carry passengers and cargo. The technology for autonomous driving will be included in the smaller model.

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