WATI Partners With Pulse Energy To Launch India’s First WhatsApp-Based EV Charging Platform


WATI (WhatsApp Team Inbox), a complete WhatsApp API solution for SMBs announced its partnership with Pulse Energy, one of the largest aggregators in India of EV chargers. WATI created a customized flow for Pulse energy using its low-code flow creator and integration with WhatsApp payments.

According to IVCA-EY Induslaw, EVs make up 1.1% of all vehicle sales. They are predicted to account for 39% of total automobile sales by CY27. There are currently 1,742 charging stations, but this number will increase to 100,000 by 2027 in order to meet increasing demand. Currently, EV charging is primarily an app-driven process. Many of the users are not fluent in English. Pulse Energy started a project to understand how to decrease the cognitive load needed to start or stop any charging station in the country. This was to align itself with India’s EV mission.

WATI-powered Pulse Energy can introduce a chat-based conversation via WhatsApp to initiate, stop, and pay for charging. WATI integrates WhatsApp Payments to enable merchants to easily send payment requests to customers. They also get real-time notifications about payments. WATI is a complete WhatsApp API for small and medium-sized businesses that allows customers to initiate payments through a chatbot.

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WATI’s Co-Founder and COO Bianca Ho commented on the partnership. WATI’s end–to–end WhatsApp API solution allows SMBs to interact with their customers in real-time, in a personalized and easy-to-connect way. Merchants now have the ability to create chatbots from simple-to-replicate templates without having to code. WATI’s flow maker made it easy for Pulse Energy, to increase customer experience and convert rates by creating new flows in minutes.

“We have created India’s first WhatsApp-based electric vehicle charging platform. To start their charger, EV drivers will simply scan the QR code to pay with WhatsApp. WATI’s flow builder was instrumental in activating WhatsApp payments for our customers, enabling them easily transact, and without having to load money into 35+ charging stations apps,” Devang Mistry (Co-Founder) of Pulse Energy.

WATI was founded in 2020 by Ken Yeung and Bianca Ho. It provides SMBs with low-code, self-service products on the WhatsApp Business API. This end-to-end WhatsApp API solution allows SMBs to do more than just sell, market, and manage customer support. The platform has powerful chatbots and APIs as well as commerce integrations and customer intelligence capabilities. WATI is a global platform that currently serves over 6000 customers in 78 countries. This includes SMBs offering domestic cleaning services to schools and tutorial centers, medical institutions, and e-commerce and Shopify shops.

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