Hero Electric Partners With Maxwell Energy Systems For Battery Management Systems

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Hero Electric, India’s leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, has entered into a long-term partnership for its Battery Management Systems (BMS) with Maxwell Energy Systems of Mumbai.

Maxwell will supply Hero Electric with over one million units of its BMS in the next 3 years as part of this partnership. This will support Hero Electric’s plan for rapid growth and help it maintain its leadership position.

BMS can also be referred to by the brain of the battery. It is responsible for ensuring that the battery works within its Safe Operating Area (SoA). This ensures maximum performance and longevity.

Maxwell’s new automotive-safe BMS is compatible with multiple chemistries to support the Hero Electric e2W range. It has been designed to comply with the recently mandated AIS156 Amendments. The BMS leverages proprietary algorithms that Maxwell developed over the past 5 years for precise state estimations – SoC, SoP, SoH, and SoE. The device also has additional technical capabilities, such as hot-plugging and high-side switching for seamless swapping. Maxwell and Hero Electric will also be working together to create a new range of innovative electronics products for India’s EV market.

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Hero Electric CEO Sohinder Gill stated, “India is subject to extreme temperature fluctuations that require safe, reliable as well as high-performance EVs. The battery management system is a key aspect of EVs. It ensures safety, battery life, cost-effectiveness, warranty, and a smooth ownership experience. Maxwell’s BMS solution will allow us to offer innovative and high-performance EVs. We are happy to partner with Maxwell. This partnership will help us to build the local supply chain, support the Make In India mission and reduce our import dependency. Maxwell joining us means that we have now 2 reliable partners who can help us future-proof our battery designs.”

Maxwell Energy Systems CEO and Co-Founder Akhil Aryan stated, “Hero Electric has been a pioneer in the all-electric revolution, but it has also paved the way for many other companies. As an advanced electronics supplier, we are honored to start supplies of our Smart Battery Management Systems. We are aligned in our mission and will bring many of these innovations to the EV marketplace through Hero Electric’s partnership.”

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