Indian Army To Procure Electric Vehicles For Selected Units

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Officials announced that the Indian Army had decided to purchase electric vehicles (EVs) for selected units and formations as part of the overall government’s policy to reduce carbon emissions.

The plan calls for around 25% of light vehicles, 38% of buses, and 48% of motorcycles to be replaced by EVs within a specified time frame.

The officials stated that the roadmap for induction was based on a variety of factors, including the Indian Army’s ability to employ, remote employment locations, and operational commitments.

An official stated that the Indian Army had created a plan to induct electric vehicles wherever possible. This was in light of operational commitments that will reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels.

He said that there were many factors, including remote employment locations and operational commitments, that contributed to the creation of a time-bound timeline for the project.

To support a viable EV ecosystem within the Army units, support infrastructure will be in place, including charging points.

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“These EV charging stations will include at least one fast charger as well as two to three slow chargers. According to the official, electric circuit cables and transformers capable of supporting adequate load bearing capacity based on the anticipated number of EVs per station would be installed.”

The Army also plans to set up solar-powered charging stations. These are also being planned in a phased fashion.

The Army also purchases EVs via the capital route. According to plans, electric buses will be procured for selected peace establishments in order to meet the current shortage.

He said that an initial tender will be issued for 60 buses and 24 EV fast chargers.

Another official stated that “considering the speed of greener initiatives being taken by the government, and efforts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels it is necessary for us to adapt to the changing world.”

The Indian Army organized a demonstration of EVs for Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh in April. EV manufacturers like Perfect Metal Industries, Tata Motors, and Revolt Motors displayed their EVs and gave briefings about technology enhancements.

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