Salcomp Partners With Flowtrik, IITMIC Incubated Start-up To Manufacture EV Chargers

A file photo of Salcomp Partners with Flowtrik, IITMIC incubated start-up to Manufacture its EV Chargers.

Salcomp, the largest manufacturer of chargers and adaptors for smartphones and other handheld devices, announced its partnership with Flowtrik, an IIT Madras Incubation Cell (IITMIC) incubated start-up housed at IIT Madras Research Park.

As part of the partnership, Salcomp will be the exclusive manufacturing, sourcing and business development partner for Flowtrik which designs chargers for Advanced Batteries (such as Li-ion, Advanced Lead Acid, and other alternate batteries) used in EVs.

Banking on IITMRP’s strong R&D capabilities, Flowtrik and Salcomp are ready to enter the market with a range of Portable & AC chargers and DC fast charging controllers.

Flowtrik and Salcomp will jointly work together right from initial product identification for research and development, design, product qualification and subsequent global production.

“India is surely on the way to becoming a manufacturing nation. I am overjoyed that Salcomp’s tie-up with Flowtrik, a company incubated at IIT-M Incubation Cell, becomes its (Salcomp) research and development partner,” said IIT Madras Research Park, IIT-M Incubation Cell, president, professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala.

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“Salcomp will commercialise this research and development and take it to the markets in India and the world,” he said.

Salcomp India managing director Sasikumar Gendham said, “Salcomp aims to play a significant role in the electric vehicle ecosystem not only for India but also rest of the world..we would like to provide the highest quality and reliable products at very competitive pricing to spur the EV revolution. This partnership with Flowtrik will augment us to be a significant player in the EV space.”

Salcomp has world-class manufacturing operations producing the highest quality and reliable products and has more than 15+ years of presence in India. Salcomp’s global capabilities are in design, high volume manufacturing, sourcing and a high level of vertical integration. The collaboration marks an important step in the advancement of not only witnessing exceptional R&D in India, but also the manufacturing capabilities for India & the global market in the EV space.

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