Elli Partners with &Charge to Make Electric Vehicle Charging More Affordable for EV Owners

Elli becomes partner of the &Charge bonus programme

The Volkswagen subsidiary Elli is now a partner in &Charge’s sustainable bonus program. Elli oversees all activities that involve charging and energy within the Group. With customer feedback, the goal is to improve charging experiences and save money at charging stations. Customers of Elli charging-tariff, as well as customers of SEAT and CUPRA Electric Charging, SKODA AUTO Powerpass, and in the future Volkswagen We Charge, will be able immediately to redeem the &Charge kilometres that they have earned for Elli charging vouchers.

The &Charge app is a leader in smart user engagement and value-added services for electric car charging. Users can collect the required &Charge kilometers by participating in various activities. You can shop in any of the 1,500 participating shops in Europe, &Charge, evaluate charging stations, and enrich charging station data. For each contribution, drivers of electric cars will be rewarded with at least 10 &Charge kilometers. Now, users can exchange their collected &Charge kilometers for Elli charging credit worth EUR4 (50 &Charge kms), or EUR20 (250 and Charge kilometres). Credit can be used in the SEAT, CUPRA and SKODA AUTO charging apps.

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You can also earn points by actively participating in activities or using the &Charge App. These points are called “enthusiast point”. These points allow users to receive additional benefits through the &Charge platform step-by-step.

Simon Loffler is the CCO at Elli. He says that partnerships like the one with Charge help to create and shape a customer-friendly ecosystem for electric cars. We at Elli believe that customers’ feedback is vital. We appreciate the innovative approach of &Charge and we look forward to future customers exchanging &Charge kilometers for charging vouchers.

Simon Vogt (the CSO and cofounder of &Charge) stressed that Elli’s collaboration was a significant milestone for them. We work together to make electric car charging more affordable and to contribute to the success of electronic mobility. Elli and &Charge are two companies that work together to provide seamless, holistic charging experiences for electric car drivers. This partnership is a significant step toward a truly charging experience. This partnership will set new standards for the e-mobility ecosystem.

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