Ladakh Launches The ‘Electric Vehicle and Allied Infrastructure Policy’

Iitiatives Taken by Government To Promote Electricity Mobility And Increase Number Of Charging Stations

Officials announced that the Union Territory of Ladakh had launched a new policy for electric vehicles with subsidies in an effort to encourage citizens to purchase electric vehicles to create a future without carbon emissions.

The Electric Vehicle and Allied Infrastructure Policy of Ladakh aims to make the UT a torchbearer in terms of the adoption of EVs in the country and to foster and cultivate an EV community, said a spokesperson.

He stated that the policy includes a capital subsidy of 10% on all four-wheelers, three-wheelers, and two-wheelers.

The policy will provide public buses with a capital subsidy of 25% to encourage sustainable and environmentally-friendly public transport.

He stated that the administration offered a subsidy to encourage electric vehicle adoption in the first year.

The subsidy would double for the first year for each vehicle type more than the average subsidy offered in subsequent years. According to a spokesperson, in order to encourage electric vehicles, the administration decided to continue exempting electric vehicles from road taxes.

He also stated that the administration offered to subsidize public charging stations for electric vehicles for buses and two-wheelers to help improve the charging infrastructure.

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Capital subsidy for equipment/machinery, capital subvention of 25% on the equipment/machinery, or Rs 5 lakh (whichever less), per station for the 15 first EV charging stations. According to a spokesperson, the policy states domestic rates will be charged for the electric power required by commercial EV charger stations.

He stated that the policy was a significant step toward making Ladakh sustainable, intelligent, integrated, and carbon neutral.

According to the spokesperson, the Regional Transport Officer, Ladakh was appointed responsible for monitoring the implementation, point-of-contact for Electric Vehicle policy, creating awareness about the policy and operation guidelines, and administering it.


  1. It will be a hood trough to try out the EV’s in cold terrain and map the characteristics and performance. Similarly in Rajasthan for high temp area.
    The non polluting nature of EV will help preserve the environment in Ladak too

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