Mercedes-Benz Research And Development India Nurtures Evnnovator, An End-To-End EV Charging Aggregator, In India

Mercedes-Benz Research And Development India Nurtures Evnnovator, An End-To-End EV Charging Aggregator, In India

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) fosters Evnnovator, a startup that aims to transform the EV industry by providing a comprehensive EV charging experience to end-users. Evnnovator is a unique startup in India to make EV charging simple and convenient, allowing for the widespread adoption of sustainable e-mobility. Built by an ex-MBRDI employee, Evnnovator offers all three options of finding, charging, and paying at the charging station to its users through its mobile app -FICH.

Reinforcing its commitment to nurturing an innovation mindset, MBRDI supported the idea of the employee turned entrepreneur to research the EV industry. Subsequently, this employee founded Evnnovator, a start-up that aims to transform the EV industry by providing an end-to-end EV charging experience to the end-users.

India is making quick progress in the electric vehicle sector and recognising the importance of accessible charging infrastructure to ensure a resilient EV environment. However, according to a recent study, India needs up to 46,000 public charging stations by 2030, significantly more than currently available in the public infrastructure. Access to charging stations is a major obstacle to the widespread use of electric vehicles. Evnnovator is designed to help alleviate range anxiety for EV users by providing access to a vast network of charging stations.

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Commenting on the development, Manu Saale, Managing Director and CEO, MBRDI, said, “The e-mobility sector in India is categorised by the availability of EVs on the supply side and adoption trends on the demand side. Adequate charging infrastructure is one of the prerequisites for the adoption of EVs. Therefore, charging stations and their availability is essential for these vehicles’ sustainable operation. We are thrilled to see the change Evnnovator will bring by eliminating the apprehensions associated with the range anxiety and making EV charging effortless and convenient for all end-users.”

Evnnovator is a multi-brand venture that any EV customer can use to locate charging stations in cities or highways. The company’s solution FICH (Find Charger) app will allow an end-user to find the closest compatible and available EV charging stations by collecting data from multiple charge point operators.

Rai Nitin Chitransh, Director and Founder, Evnnovator, said, “We anticipate a surge in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in all categories—twowheelers, four-wheelers, three-wheeler as well as EV charging stations. Evnnovator will identify and tackle the problems of locating nearby electric vehicle charging stations. Our purpose is to provide all EV owners with a one-stop solution for all charging-related needs through a user-friendly end-to-end interface.”

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Starting in October 2022, this app will be accessible on iOS and Android devices. Evnnovator will also be supported by a technology-focused EV charging infrastructure company–CHARGE ZONE®. Additionally, CHARGE ZONE, a technology-focused electric vehicle charging infrastructure company, has extended to support this venture to provide value to end users which includes the mentoring and advisory role of Kartikey Hariyani, Founder and CEO, CHARGE ZONE.

Innovation is a priority for the Mercedes-Benz Group to develop sustainable, competitive and industry-leading products, services and business models that are transforming the category. MBRDI imbibes and fosters innovation with comprehensive automotive expertise to help shape the future of mobility by stitching the culture, inclusivity and strategy together to build impactful innovations. This approach connects business problems, technology, and the external ecosystem to curate solutions to address global mobility needs.

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